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Notice Board with Anti-Christian Edict

Christianity was banned in Japan in 1614. This official notice board, written in 1682, gives details of the large rewards given to those who turned over to the authorities Christian priest, believers, and their sympathizers. This board lists the following rewards, among others: 500 pieces of silver for a priest, 300 pieces of silver for a monk, and 100 pieces of silver for an ordinary believer.

During the 1620s and 1630s the authorities clamped down heavily on Christian worship, and many Japanese Christians were persecuted and tortured. From 1639, the only Europeans allowed to live in Japan were those working for the non-religious trading company, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) at Nagasaki.

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Type: photo
Date: 1682
Location: Nagasaki Japan
Continent: Asia
Keywords: Christian