Captain DaCosta’s Diary

Bursting with colorful illustrations and detail, DaCosta's diary documents his thoughts and observations as an African Portuguese sailor during the Age of Exploration. It also features stories of the cultures and people he encountered during his voyage.

Chapter 1

My Early Life in Lisbon

Captain Dacosta’s diary illuminates the lives of African Portuguese sailors during the Age of Discovery. In this chapter, he examines his early life as a slave, then as a sailor. DaCosta mixes in short observations of society, religion, and urban life.

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Chapter 2

My Voyages in the Atlantic and the African Coast

DaCosta's second set of entries. In this short chapter, he writes of the pain of slavery, and retells more of his Atlantic voyages. Of note are his observations of the African coast, and the use of trade beads to finance the slave trade.

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Chapter 3

My Voyage to Macao, via Mombassa and Cochin

DaCosta's observations and illustrations from the Indian ocean crossing, in 1596-1597. In this chapter, he writes about the start of their voyage, the jobs on the ship, and the terrible sicknesses that befall most sailors.

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Chapter 4

My Observations of Life & Trade in Japan

DaCosta's final diary chapter, describing his life and observations while living as a trader in Nagasaki, Japan. He watches as Japanese society begins to close, becoming more dangerous for the Portuguese.

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