The Voyage of Captain DaCosta

The amazing story of a 16th century African Portuguese sailor who commanded a trade expedition to Japan.


This is a layered interactive narrative that traces the life of Captain Antonio DaCosta, a Black Portuguese sailor who visited Japan in 1597. From his early life as a slave in Lisbon to his voyage to Japan, this site weaves together his personal diary and drawings, along with artwork and historical notes from 1500-1700, the Age of Exploration.

Exploring the Story

Providing in-depth context to these extraordinary historical documents is essential. The interactive narrative mixes art, artifacts, and key world events from the time of DaCosta's voyage.

Works of Art

View paintings and art from the Age of Exploration

Personal Artifacts

View DaCosta’s personal possessions and artifacts

World History

View key historical events from the Age of Exploration


Selected Images and Artifacts