A number of people have helped launch this new Pixel Fable story. Years ago, I decided to explore this time period and the Japanese Namban art created during it. The colorful, and often faithful depictions of Africans and Southeast Asians in the screens and other artwork was a welcome contrast to the Euro-centric stories we often hear about the Age of Exploration. After sharing my vision for this interactive narrative, the following people were kind enough to help me bring it to life on the web.

Captain DaCosta’s diary illustrations are the work of Rita Sabler, a Portland based illustrator and designer. After we met at a conference in Portland, and I knew her illustrations would fit perfectly with this story.

Thanks to Nelson Vassalo for his kind insights and notes on an earlier version of this project, and for his support in general.

The diary was edited by Jenn Baker and Sydnee Thompson. Thanks to them for their insightful questions, gentle nudges, and for making this a real story.

The amazing front-end development for this site was done by Andrew Lovseth.