Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail

Seafaring was one of the most significant occupations among both enslaved and free black men between 1740 and 1865. Tens of thousands of black seamen sailed on lofty clippers and modest coasters. They sailed in whalers, warships, and privateers. Some were slaves, forced to work at sea, but by 1800 most were free men, seeking liberty and economic opportunity aboard ship. Bolster brings an intimate understanding of the sea to this extraordinary chapter in the formation of black America. Because of their unusual mobility, sailors were the eyes and ears to worlds beyond the limited horizon of black communities ashore.

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Type: book
Creator: W. Jeffrey Bolster
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Date: 1998
ISBN: 9780674076273
Continent: North America
Keywords: slaves, freedmen, sailors, ships