Letters Written By the English Residents of Japan

Fullt text of a book of letters that English residents of Japan wrote, giving us a glimpse of what life was like for the foreign residents in the 1600s. In June, 1598, a fleet of five sails fitted by a Company of Dutch merchants left the coast of Holland for the East Indies. Following the route discovered by Magellan, the fleet encountered many misfortunes on the coasts of South America, so that after eighteen months at sea, two ships only were left to pursue the voyage. They steered for Japan, and one being lost in a storm, the other ” de Liefde,” arrived at Bungo on the 19 th of April, 1600. But even this last could not escape the common fate ; on her way to Uraga, she met a fearful storm, and was wrecked off the coast. Among the crew was an Englishman from Kent, William Adams by name, and pilot-major of the fleet. He found favour with Iyeyasu, was given a residence in Yedo and frequently called to speak with the latter.

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Publisher: Library of Trinity College
Location: Japan
Continent: Asia
Keywords: William Adams, Shogun, English, storm, Dutch